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I can. Quickly and efficiently.

Website Repair

Help At Your Fingertips To Repair Your Website.

Websites are easy to take for granted. Until that day when someone rings you, because it doesn’t work. They filled out the contact page, and you haven’t replied for some reason. Now you have a problem, because you didn’t know it was broken and you’re not sure how many other messages you’re missing.

Don’t Panic.

I can help you get to the bottom of what is going on and provide a fix to get your site back up and working again. There are many reasons why a website breaks, from deprecated code, to hacking or even some kind of problem between the site and its hosting.

Sometimes the original designer has gone awol and you don’t know what to do next. Often it’s not as bad as it seems, and I can help you turn it around and get back on track.

Website Maintenance

Why Website Maintenance Is So Important

Your website is important to your business. It’s often the first place people head to check out your services, opening hours and a whole lot more.

The condition of your website is often a hint to where your business is at. If you don’t appear or the site is really out of date, people will question if you’re still in business.

A good presence, with up-to-date content is a form of reassurance as well as being informative.

Niggling Updates.

One of the bug-bears of technology is the need to update. Ask yourself, how often do you get alerts on your mobile or tablet that you need to update your apps or other software?

Modern websites are a bundle of different software, from the languages used, databases, servers and much more. You don’t need to know what all these are, but you do need to know that if they’re out of date, they pose a potential security risk and a technical risk of failing and breaking your site.

It may only be an hour or two every quarter, but it’s important to make sure your site is current and functioning well.

Security First

Security updates are really important to your site. They often come about when the relevant software creators becoming aware of a threat that has already taken place. They fix it, and push out a security update. Until that fix is implemented, your site will be at risk from whatever happened to trigger the security release.


Technology also comes and goes, which means that over time features that your site is built upon become deprecated. Simply standing still means you are actually slipping behind. Your site may date or develop issues.

Plugins, Themes and Other Elements

Unless you have spent tens of thousands of pounds having a completely hand-built site, the chances are your website uses components provided by third parties that need to be checked and kept up to date.

‘Plugins’ are extra components added to most sites to facilitate everything from a slider or rotating carousel to email spam filters, media players or image compression.

Leaving these things to chance will mean that eventually if you do nothing your site will break. It’s just a question of time.

Ongoing Maintenance

Think of me as your website gardener or window-cleaner. I sort you out and spruce you up every once in a while. Choose either one-off website support or regular help, whether that be monthly, quarterly or as needed.  A periodic check to upgrade systems, plugins and other aspects of your site is recommended. 

Google Integration

Google has so many tools now that offer you insight into how your website is working and how your visitors are engaging with it. I can help you set up:

This is a Google site that allows you to track visitors and gather key information. Important news is that “Universal Analytics” is being deprecated soon, so you will need to update to Google Analytics 4.

Google Tag Manager is a system for adding measurement to different aspects of your website. Once the tag is added, you shouldn’t need any further coding to add elements. It all happens in the Tag Manager interface.

Google Search Console is a great place to diagnose problems with your website set-up. You can also see information about how many searches you are being seen on and how many clicks.