Imagine having the ear of your customer for 15 minutes

What could that do for your brand loyalty?

It could transform your relationship with your customer.

It can convert wavering leads to customers without a hard sell. It can demonstrate your expertise in your field.

Podcasting, like radio, is a very intimate experience. You’re being privileged to be invited into your customer’s world. Often your audio is being consumed as part of, and along side the other activities that your customer is doing at the time. It’s a powerful way to build your relationship.

Of course, you’ll want your Podcast production to sound great and exude all the values that your brand already has.

I have a 30+ year career in broadcasting. The first 25 in radio presentation and production. I’m well placed to handle your podcast production and help you sound great. I’ve been recording and editing audio since the days of reel-to-reel tape and editing with razor blades. Of course, the technology has transformed these days, but the principles of good audio and recording are still the same.

Podcast Services

Planning and Concept

I’ll help you design and plan a concept for your podcast, with a format to win over your target listener.


Professional standard recording in my studio, with remote links to record guests and contributors.


I use industry standard audio software. I can edit, clean and produce audio to a broadcast standard.


As a voice over and radio presenter, I can be just the right voice to engage your audience, or help you source another.


I have years of experience in conducting and editing interviews.

Platform & Marketing

I can help you with getting your podcast to the right platform and presenting the right marketing to help it get heard. This can also help your websites SEO.