How it started…

Somewhere around 1983 I got good grades in maths and science in middle school.

I was offered the opportunity to attend a ‘summer computer camp’ in Leeds as a reward.  I think the nearest I’d been to a computer was watching a sitcom called “Metal Mickey”.  (A joke for us old folks! – YouTube is your friend).   A lifelong interest in computers and logic was born.

I went on to study Computer Programming at college in the late 80s, while accidentally falling into radio at the same time.  The bright lights of media eventually lured me in.  But, I always kept a keen interest in computers.  Then the arrival of the Internet in the 90s reawakened my interest and over the years as a business owner I’ve managed to bring both strands together in the form of digital media.

I’ve worked in broadcast, production, website development, coding, commercial production, marketing and advertising.  Bringing together knowledge from all of these sectors gives me a broad view of digital marketing and how to maximise it in today’s world.

I’m Tony Collins Fogarty.  TDF Media began trading in 2008.

Alongside digital media, I also work in voiceover.  If you need a male voiceover, check out my dedicated site.

My Philosophy…

I use four words to express my values.   Trust, Quality, Ease and Value.

Without Trust, there is nothing.  It doesn’t happen overnight, but by delivering over time and being honest and straightforward about what can be delivered.

In essence, Quality is about self-respect. I sleep at night by knowing I’ve done my best.  That encompasses what I do for other people.  I take pride in my work.  It’s not just a job.

Ease is about bridging your world to mine.  The reason why you work with me is that I bring expertise and knowledge that you don’t have.  I believe in making it easy for us to work together by getting on with the job and anticipating your needs.

Value is an interesting word.  It doesn’t mean cheap, but optimising a result for a price.  I was born in Yorkshire.  Value is in our DNA.  It’s about knowing when to spend more and when to spend less.