Who Am I?

I’m Tony Collins-Fogarty.  I’m a Leeds-based web developer and also a media professional with over 30 years experience.

Yes, I’m really old. 😉

But I’ve still got it.  It all started somewhere around 1983 when I was offered the chance to go on a computer camp during the summer school holidays. For weeks I tinkered with new-fangled BBC/Acorn computers that were all set to change the world and my love of logic was born.

Showbiz Luvvy.

Following 2 years of full-time college computer programming study, I was drawn away into the bright lights of more traditional media – radio.  But the geek in me was still alive and I developed an interest in websites and coding alongside my radio path.  I worked in presentation and production – including content writing and scripts and website maintenance throughout my 25 years as a broadcaster.  I also looked after the brands, PR and marketing.

Ultimately, all media is a process of communicating thoughts and ideas, whether it’s using a microphone, camera or website.  I’ve done all of these.  I think that’s an interesting combo of knowledge – both knowing the tools and the methods for getting your ideas out there.


I built my first website in the 90s, and moved into WordPress around 2010.

It’s little known outside the web development community, but WordPress today accounts for 43.2% of all websites on the net.  It’s an astonishing share.  It’s little known because on many websites, the presence of WordPress is invisible, mostly because it’s so customisable.  WordPress websites don’t all look the same.  

During the ‘Covid years’ I took a number of Google and other courses to bring my knowledge of SEO and site optimisation skills up to date.

Let’s Talk About You.

Today, I help clients create a website, fix problems and help with it’s ongoing maintenance.

If you need a website that changes and evolves as much as your business does, then let’s have a chat.

I’ve found that in recent years, developing and maintaining a web presence is more involved than ever before.  The solopreneurs and business owners I come into contact with just want someone to take that stress off their hands and make it easy.  I help do that.

TDF Media began trading in 2008.

Alongside digital media, I also work in voiceover.  If you need a male voiceover, check out my dedicated site.

I’m also a huge Francophile. I’m at Level B2 French, and I’ve built my own voiceover site in French. I can help with multi-lingual websites too.

BUILD Your Website

FIX Your Website

MAINTAIN Your Website

EDIT Your Website

Audio Editing & Production

My Philosophy

I use four words to express my values.


Without Trust, there is nothing. It doesn’t happen overnight, but by delivering over time and being honest and straightforward about what can be delivered.


In essence, Quality is about self-respect. I sleep at night by knowing I’ve done my best. That encompasses what I do for other people. I take pride in my work. It’s not just a job.


Ease is about bridging your world to mine. The reason why you work with me is that I bring expertise and knowledge that you don’t already have at your disposal. That collaboration and anticipating your needs are important.


Value is an interesting word. It doesn’t mean cheap, but optimising a result for a price. I was born in Yorkshire. Value is in our DNA. It’s about knowing when to spend more and when to spend less. I seek value for myself and my clients.

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