Woman throwing her hands in the air out of frustration with managing her website.

Is your website making you throw your hands in the air for all the wrong reasons?

As a business owner, your time is limited. Hours spent sorting out your website can be a huge distraction from your ‘real’ job.

I can help you get digital stuff done.   So, what do you need?

Build Your Website

From concept, to delivery, I can help you build a brand new site from the ground up, working with the world-class WordPress platform. I can also create custom code to deliver whatever your website needs.

Fix & Maintain Your Website

If it’s all gone wrong, it maybe possible to bring it back. Let me take a look at your site and see how we can fix whatever problems you’ve encountered.

Audio Production

I’ve been producing broadcast media content for over 30 years. I also work as a voice-over artist for international brands.

My audio editing services cover audio books, voice-overs, interviews and podcasts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Often WordPress is confused with a simple blog. This is because that’s where it started, and the WordPress.com site still exists for bloggers. However, the WordPress.org strand has been creating open source web development since 2003. As of 2022, it is used by 43.2% of ALL sites on the internet. It leads all other platforms by a country mile. It’s so customisable, that most don’t notice.

It’s flexibility in updating your site. WordPress has a ‘back-end’ that is relatively easy to navigate, allowing you to change your content regularly. Google likes this and so do your customers. Have you ever visited a site that hasn’t been touched for a couple of years and wondered if they’re still in business?

That’s fine. I can work with you for a few hours, or on an on-going basis. Think of me as an extension of your business. I’m perfect for clients who can’t justify taking on a member of staff, but still need some help.

I can offer a hourly price, a project price, or an ongoing work price. Just tell me what you need.

What Can I Help You With?

Build Your Website

Create your new website on the world-leading WordPress platform.

Edit & Write Content

Help you write and create content that is Search Engine friendly and good for users too.

Security & Theme Updates

Make sure you’re always in tip-top condition with the latest theme and security updates.

Website Optimisation

Need advice on how to maximise your online presence? I can help you get discovered on the web.

Custom Development

Your website can do more than look pretty. Custom coding can help it’s functionality too.

Keyword Research

The starting point of SEO is understanding what your customers are searching for.

Audio Editing & Production

Broadcast standard editing and production.

Media Content

Help with sourcing and building media content to make your site sing.