6 Stages Of Building A Website.  Creating your new website from scratch.

WordPress Development To Build Your Website.

I break the building of your new website down into 6 stages:


I collaborate with you to understand what you need.

I’ll do a fact-find into your brand, values and colours. What kind of website do you need? What is its purpose? Most importantly, who are you talking to?

The idea here is to make a cohesive website that matches with your identity and the audience you’re targeting.


The design stage. Where ideas meet the page.

Following the consultation, I’m able to build a concept for you. This will deal with the number of pages, layout and functionality. Generally, this is broken down into 2 further steps. The Wireframe and the High Fidelity design.

The Wireframe is about getting the structure and functionality that you need in place. You’ll see how it might look on a large screen and on mobile too.

The High Fidelity design works with your brand colours and identity which we ‘dress’ over your wireframe.


The nuts and bolts. Pictures become code.

This is where the images give way to code. We start the actual building of a real website, based on the design so far. This is where theming, unique code and other technologies are implemented.


We push you out to the world.

Once you’re happy with the build and I’ve carried out the appropriate testing, we move to deployment. This is where your website goes live in its future home. This involves getting all the files live, alongside the database and any other requirements of the hosting environment.


We deal with any ‘snagging list’ items.

Like any new product, there may be issues that arise in the deployment, and I can revise and make changes.


If you need it, I can help keep you moving forward.

Once live, you’ll want to keep your site up-to-date, in every sense. Whether it be security or technical updates through to content writing, I can help. Of course, the site is yours, so may choose to take full control at this stage going forward.