Audio editing expertise is only a call away

I’ve been doing it since the dark ages… well 1988.

Audio Editing and Post Production

Bad audio can ruin your content and distract your listener or viewer.

I’ve worked in a wide variety of audio production for over 30 years. Today I use industry-standard software (Adobe Audition), to produce audio and broadcast content.

I also have Izotope RX7 Standard on hand for repairing audio recordings.

Audio Editing Services

Predominantly, I work in spoken word, editing of audio for broadcast, voice-over, podcasts or audiobooks. Whether you’re a voice artist who needs help in delivering for a client or a business needing professional help, I provide a number of services:

  • Editing audio and cleaning up the files.
  • Processing: EQ and Compression if needed.
  • File splitting and separation.

Radio Production Experience

I’ve been editing audio since 1989. I began at Radio Aire in Leeds, editing on reel-to-reel machines, with razor blades and quarter-inch reels.

I’ve worked throughout the change from analogue editing to digital audio and current industry practices.

My background is in broadcasting.  I worked as a presenter and producer in the radio industry for 25 years.  I also shot and produced videos, freelanced on TV projects, and work in the voice over industry.

For the last decade, I’ve worked extensively in voice over for a wide ranges of clients, including international television campaigns for global brands. If you need a British male voice over artist then that’s something I can help with. As part of that community, I can also help you find another voice, should you need it.

Custom Audio Projects Consultation

If you need help or advice in the broadcast and production sector, then get in touch.

To find out more, call today on 0113 328 0845

Why Should You Care About Audio?

When producing media content, often the audio is treated as secondary to the images. This can be a significant mistake.

Ironically, that’s not how the consumer sees it… or should I say, hears it. They may not state it consciously, but research of the kind featured in this article from the University of Southern California demonstrates that there is a link between credibility and audio. Good quality audio is considered more trustworthy.

Often content producers underestimate the impact that bad audio will have on their content.

Audio Is Intimate

Audio is more portable than visual content. It is often consumed as a secondary activity. People listen to the radio whilst in the car or doing the washing up. They listen to podcasts on the train or whilst exercising. Sometimes they will listen with headphones or earbuds.

The nature of audio is to be closer to the person and more intimate. It has a greater ability to create an emotional connection. Think about how music and sound FX are used in movies and television to set the tone and create a feeling. A spoken voice can also create an emotional response. Good audio achieves that great emotion and intimate connection well. Bad audio has the ability to irritate, distract and annoy.

My Audio Editing and Production Services

Whether it’s simply to edit and clean up an audio project, consultation on how to achieve what you’re looking for, or advice on rights and best practice, I can provide the help you might need.

Feel free to have a no-obligation chat about how I can get the best from your audio.